The value does not stop here. With our joint expertise in providing lease finance for capital equipment and factoring for working capital, we are able to offer companies to expand beyond their banking facilities by providing total liquid capital solutions to their growth.

What is Factoring?
Factoring is a complete financial package that combines:

1. Credit protection
2. Accounts receivable bookkeeping
3. Collection services
4. Financing

Factoring involves the purchasing of business invoices at a discount from face value, thereby vastly improving the businesses cash flow.

Factoring also protects businesses from the credit risk of their customers, insulating them from financial losses.

Factoring has proven many times over that it is a sound way to quickly improve cash flow, reduce risk, outsource your accounts receivable management and obtain valuable credit information on new customers.

Benefits of Factoring
Companies of all sizes, from startups to mature companies, realize a number of benefits from factoring:

1. Increased Cash Flow
2. Customer Credit Services
3. Accounts Receivable Management

Factoring Provides:
An increased cash flow allowing you to market for additional business, purchase inventory on higher volume (lower cost), pay suppliers faster (at a discount), receive credit terms from suppliers, meet payroll or hire additional personnel, meet tax requirements on time, purchase capital equipment, pay off delinquent obligations and reduce stress while improving planning.

Factoring Provides:
Customer Credit Services help to reduce bad debt expenses, streamline credit approvals for new customers, improve decision-making on new business, reduce internal admin costs.

Factoring Provides:
Accounts Receivable Management allows your company to reduce admin costs, redirect critical resources to marketing and production, improve customer relationships, improve receivable turns, improve accounting.

What type of companies can benefit from factoring?
Companies that can benefit from factoring include those that are:

– Rapidly growing
– Seasonal
– Startups
– Spin-offs
– Concerned about adding fixed costs
– Having a lengthy manufacturing cycle
– Strained by slow turnover of receivables
– Hurt by high bad debt losses
– Saddled with a large customer concentration

Why factor with us?

– Cash for invoices within 48 hrs
– Highest advances anywhere – up to 95%
– $10,000 to over $1 Million available
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