Vendor Programs

Our vendor programs make it easy for you to provide market-leading financing to your customers. Our rate, products and services are highly competitive and we offer some very unique financing products. The value does not stop here. We make you more competitive by offering:

– Customized vendor program and services in small and mid-ticket leasing, franchise and branch financing, private label documentation and employee purchase plan

– Competitive rates and generous credit terms to vendors’ customers

– Flexibility in structuring leases for vendors’ customers

– Fast credit approval and higher approval ratios

– Higher financing percentage for soft costs such as software, training, delivery and installation

– Signed faxed agreement permitted in most cases resulting in speed of completion of documentation

– Quick payment after signing of lease documents

– Cross border financing for customers in Canada and the United States

– Notification to vendors of leasing customers during and before end of lease term for sales opportunity

– Comprehensive training of your sales representatives and business consulting

– E-Commerce solutions available 7 days a week giving you a competitive edge with online application processing, portfolio management and electronic document generation

We can help you create leasing programs that will benefit your sales force to sell and offer your customers a viable and attractive financial alternative; leasing programs that give you the products, service, sales assistance, and management tools you need to continue to successfully market your products and services.

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