Do you want to expand your cash reserves?

You’ve heard of the term “cash is king”? Cash is required in businesses to pay payroll, rent, inventory and other business expenses. Businesses are cash flow dependant to survive, maintain or expand.

When it comes to the purchase of new equipment consider a financial alternative by leasing the equipment.

Why Consider leasing as a financial solution?

Leasing your equipment will prevent you from having to use your line of credit to acquire the equipment. It will also prevent you from going through the hassle with your bank to seek a loan, preventing you from maximizing your financing exposure with the bank.

Leasing is a better alternative than using your surplus cash to purchase the equipment as you can use your cash for better options to grow your business e.g. more inventory resulting in higher sales.

Your “New Found Money” has expanded your company’s cash reserves as you were not aware that it was available.

Obtaining lease finance is a simple application with approvals within 48 hours for established companies with credit bureau reports for amounts less than $20,000.  For larger amounts, financial statements will be required but the timeline will be quite similar. Will your bank be able to turn this around that quickly?

Don’t wait for tomorrow…Grow your business today

So why not lease your next equipment purchase instead of financing or paying cash? Your company needs more cash reserves to drive your business and improve profitability.

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