IG Financial Group provides :

- A One-Stop leasing centre for dealers
- Competitive rates and generous credit terms to dealers’ customers
- Flexibility in structuring leases for dealers’ customers’
- Fast credit approval and payment to dealers
- Dealer assistance through training

In addition, we offer some very unique lease financing conditions which are normally not available from other leasing companies namely:

- Soft costs such as software, training, delivery and installation not restricted to 25% of total costs
- Lease finance for as short a term as 12 months
- Speed of completion as signed faxed agreement is permitted by some of our funders. Ideal for out-of-town customers.

We would like to help you create a leasing program that is easy for your sales force to sell and offer your customers a viable and attractive financial alternative; a leasing program that gives you the products, service, sales assistance, and management tools you need to continue to successfully market your products and services.

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