How To Lease

1. Select Your Equipment

You select your own equipment and equipment vendor that meets your requirements.

2. Contact us through telephone, facsimile or email

Contact our leasing representative with information of the equipment vendor and quotation of the equipment to be leased. You will be required to download the Credit Application to be completed, signed and faxed to us. Should more information be required, our leasing representative will contact you.

3. Credit Approval Process

Our leasing representative will arrange for credit approval with suitable underwriter. Credit approval will be notified directly to the equipment vendor(s), and we will proceed to prepare all lease documents.

4. Documentation for Execution

Our leasing representative will arrange to send you the lease documents for signing through courier, email or fax.
Upon execution of lease documents, return the documents to us.

5. Delivery and Installation

Upon satisfactory delivery and installation of equipment, contact our leasing representative to confirm the release of payment to equipment vendor(s). Payment will usually be made within 3 working days.

Download a fillableform:
Credit Application Personal Networth Statement

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